How to Start Your Own Successful Garden

There are not many people that have their own personal gardens, and the reason for that is because they get scared that they will fail and they think that creating a successful garden is complicated. However, that is not true, creating a healthy and successful garden is a quite easy process in order to succeed, you only need to inform yourself about gardening and maybe follow a guideline. To have a successful garden you will only need to dedicate time to it. Without enough time and effort put into it, you can’t expect it to work properly.

If you have decided that you want to start your garden and you are ready to dedicate time and effort into it, then there is only one thing left to do and that is to start creating your garden. We have created a short guide on what you should do when you are creating and starting your own garden. Follow these steps and you will have a successful garden in no time.


According to the Regenerative Leadership Institute, the first step that you need to do anything else is to plan out the whole garden. Without careful and detailed planning, you will never have a successful garden.  The start off by making decisions on what types of plants you will be planting in your garden, for example, fruit or vegetables and if you decide on fruits what types of fruits because tropical fruits require a different type of care. Or just find out what type of plants grow the best in your area, that way you can have guaranteed success.

After deciding what type, you will plant, you can start planning the shape and design of the garden. Decide how much space you will dedicate to the garden that way you will know how much you need to buy. If you want to grow plants during the winter season, then you need to plan for that too, create some kind of a greenhouse or grow plants in containers and move them indoors during the winter season.

Less is More

You might think that planting all kinds of vegetables and fruits that you like is a good idea, but actually, it isn’t. Especially, when you are starting your first garden, it is for the best if you stick to few. For example, start with some plants that are easy to care of. The start off simple, it is always easier to add and expand the next season. The next season, you can experiment with some different type of plants and find out what grows the best in your environment.

Take Notes

This is a very important part of having a successful garden. Take notes of every type of plant that you have planted, write down what type was a success and which one failed. Keep everything in one place, don’t write in different notebooks every time. If you have carefully taken notes from the beginning, you will be able later on to see your progress and see what type of plants grew the best in your garden.